my thoughts on having + creating a vision board || vision + mood board

I used to have a very shallow view of what  "vision boards" could be / were. If I thought of them at all, it was in a way that boiled down to "pretty pictures on a Pinterest Board" or " sexy color palettes and typography, etc. that you pin to the wall above your desk".  Recently, however, I have found myself on a journey of Meditation, Mindfulness and Manifesting-- meaning, in short, I've gone a bit woo-woo and "vision boards" mean something completely different to me now. 

The other day, I found myself thoroughly processing the things I want to focus my attention on and things I want to invite into my life--- I'm starting to become a full-time believer in the power of the mind, prayer, manifesting and things like vibrational frequencies. (If you're rolling your eyes at me, don't worry, I am rolling them even harder at myself. Trust me, I almost hate how much this shit just works.)

So with that in mind, I sat down to create a vision board that will help me with my morning meditation and morning focus. The idea being that if I'm physically looking at something that represents a feeling, idea, state of being, or simply a thing that I want, I'm able to better manifest that into my life-- basically, in the end it makes the whole meditation and manifesting thing easier. It also helps me keep myself on track. So if I get stuck, feel unmotivated, or find myself distracted on Pinterest / Instagram, I have a very visual reminder of what I'm trying to do. Call them "visual goals", if you will. 

Now I have no idea if this is how you're supposed to use a vision board. But this is how I've been using them & so far, it's been amazing. I'll go into my entire morning routine in a different post, but basically, when I'm having my cup of coffee and writing out my morning pages, it's really helpful for me to be able to take a long look at my vision boards & focus on what's important for me right now. || vision + mood board || vision + mood board

And again, not really knowing how you're supposed to do it, I've made two different ones: one for the background on my phone + laptop and one for above my desk. The one on my laptop and phone specifically represents the different aspects of my life I'm trying to focus on whether it be the type of work I'm creating, the space I'm creating that work in, how much money I'm making, my relationship with my partner, my relationship with myself, my spirituality and my faith, and the rituals I want to adhere to, etc.

Now, when you look at my vision board, you may think, "Zie, how the hell does this represent any of that?" And to you, it won't. That's my favorite part of this. It's MY vision board. It means what I want and need it to. I can make it look and feel like anything I want, as long as it makes sense to me. And that's at once enormously powerful and also just really cool. 

To make my vision board, I started with those elements in mind and think of what could visually represent that idea. Then I searched for that image. For instance, one of the things I'm really focusing on right now is curating specific rituals in my life that make me feel more balanced, etc. In this case, I envisioned "morning routine" and what I wanted that to feel like. I searched my own Pinterest boards for images that I already loved and the cup of coffee that says "good morning" felt like an obvious (too obvious? Perhaps.) choice to symbolize that idea for me. 


My second vision board feels more like what I think a "mood board" is supposed to be. It's pasted up snippets from magazines that I've for some reason or other fallen madly in love with & it just speaks to me. This is a less thought out process and more guttural reaction to something. I tore these pages & snippets out of magazines I've had for over a year and that I've already flipped through a dozen times. But each time I pour over all the magazine pages, something new speaks to me.

For me, this part is more of a "what emotion or response is this element triggering in me and what do I think about it?" And then: "how can I use this either in my own work or in my own life?" And of course, the answers to these questions change each time I change the space above my desk. 

Sometimes, I go months and months with nothing on the wall, and other times, I'll leave the same pictures up for a year at a time. Sometimes, I'll change the whole thing weekly and sometimes, I'll simply add new pieces, pasting over old ones that no longer spark something in me. I like this process. 

I like both processes. They both fulfill specific needs I have for processing my vision (thoroughly thought out vs more instinctual and experimental) and both feel more intentional vs. just sticking random photos or quotes up-- for me at least. 

I'm curious to know if you do your own method of vison boards, mood boards, or visual goals? Let me know if the comments or pop over to Instagram & chat there! || vision + mood board