#DarlingSelfLove | Honey + Milk + Rose Water Bath Magic

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I believe in bath magic. I believe in the healing power of rose + honey + milk. I believe in swanning about, drinking the best of wines, eating lots of chocolate and generally trying to channel my inner Marie Antoinette. And I believe that indulging regularly in #DarlingSelfLove pampers are exactly what my spirit needs to survive. 

Which brings us to today. I've begun documenting my absolute favorite self love baths, potions & rituals to share with you, darlings. And I'm extremely excited to start with this, my all-time favorite self love bath! 


1. Start by adding 2-3 cups of milk (preferably whole) to your bathtub. 
Milk is packed full of vitamins A, D & E as well as being rich in fats and proteins. These all help hydrate your skin and help retain moisture long after you've stepped out of the bath. (In this bath, I had an entire gallon of 2% that was about to go bad. (oops) But while it wouldn't have been my favorite thing to drink, it was absolutely divine in my bath.)

2. Add two tablespoons of honey. 
Honey is an amazing humectant, promoting even more moisture retention. It's also anti-bacterial, PACKED full of antioxidants, and gives your skin a gentle, natural glow. I'm always snatching up bottles + jars of local, raw honey and each day, I love it more and more. 

3. Swirl in half a cup of rose water.
Rose water is this amazing, amazing thing that you can either make yourself or pick up from the shops. It's soothing on sensitive skin, it balances oily skin, rejuvenates mature skin and gives us all a delicate glow. It, too, is packed full of antioxidants and vitamins, which nourishes the skin and helps prevent the signs of aging. It's also antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. And it smells divine. So basically, add it to everything ;) I'm usually pretty heavy-handed with my rose water, and this bath got half a bottle! 

4. Sprinkle some green tea leaves. 
Green tea is another antioxidant, but it's also incredibly relaxing and soothing for sore muscles. I don't add enough to be swimming in a large cup of tea, but close ;) You can also use tea bags if you're not fond of the mess of cleaning the leaves up after. 

5. Rose petals, warm candles & crystals.
Anytime I get / buy roses, I save the petals to add to baths. I keep a jar of dried petals and then sprinkle them in as needed. We've already talked about the benefit of rose in your bath, but I also just like looking at them. They make me feel even more like Marie Antoinette :) I also line my bath with crystals that promote self love, healing and wholeness as well as a warm, thick smelling candle. Sometimes, I'll light some lavender incense instead, but that depends on if I'm going to bed right after ;) But here, you just want to use things that you enjoy looking at and that help you feel calm and loved. 

Bath time is meant to be indulgent and relaxing. For me, that means this self love potion + a glass of wine. For you it might look a little different, so experiment and have fun. Sometime this week, I challenge you to take 30-45 minutes out of your day to spend swanning about in the bath. Make sure to use #selflovedarling & share your own recipe for a chance to be featured! 

Have a fabulous rest of your week, darlings. 

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