my current "minimal" skincare routine || my current "minimal" summer skincare routine

I used quotes in the title of this blog post because I fully understand that my current routine, to many others, will feel excessive. BUT in comparison to the like 48,036 products I WAS using, this is pretty minimal. ;) 

There's not a firm reason I've paired down. Maybe just that I wanted to go as "back to basics" as possible to let my skin kind of reset & see what's actually going on? Because for a long while there, I was switching stuff up pretty much daily, rotating between sooo many different products I had picked up over the last couple years. And I have a feeling some of the on-going skin issues I've been noticing were because my skin was getting too much attention? Who knows? 

Anyway, let's chat about what I am using. (It's important to note I have mildly dry skin that's pretty damn lazy.)



In the mornings, I'm really, really simple. Most mornings, I use a gentle washcloth and warm water, just to clear up the sleep from my skin. I really like not properly washing my skin in the mornings because I do a pretty damn thorough job the night before & I like letting my skin do it's own thing when possible. 

If, however, I'm noticing my skin is being particularly lazy and clogging up, being really dull or I'm starting to get some hormonal or stress breakouts, I'll use a toner and cotton pad. Again, I don't really wash my face in the morning though. 

After that, I use a moisturizer with SPF in it. Currently, I'm loving the Olay Age Defying Anti-Wrinkle Day Lotion with SPF 15. It's a pretty good amount of moisture for me in the warmer months but I know I'll have to mix in a serum for extra moisture when it gets colder. It's also important to note that if I leave the house at all, I'll add further sun protection to my skin. Currently, I'm using Neutrogena's Age Shield Face Oil-Free SPF 110. Yup, you read that right. 110 SPF. I don't care if that's excessive or not effective after like SPF 50, but what if they're wrong? Ya girl burns like a mofo & I'm all about using as much SPF as they'll give me. 



For the evenings, I'm currently using the Bioderma H2O formula to take off any makeup I have on and just as my first cleanse. I like this stuff alright. It's nice for warmer months, but in the cooler months, I definitely prefer a cleansing balm as my first step. Once I run out of this stuff, I'm going to give a lighter cleansing oil a go, so if you have any recommendations for those, PLEASE let me know. 

I do double cleanse, and right now, I'm using the Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser. I'm almost done with my third or fourth bottle of this stuff. I'm not like 100% in love with it, but so far, it's the best cleanser I've found for my skin. It's "a deep pore cleansing mud, enriched with 5% glycolic and soothing botanicals" (taken directly from their website) and I really do feel like it helps my lazy skin not clog as easily as it does without it. 

Which, is why I've recently started reusing their Glow Tonic as my toner (both morning and night). I had used this in the past, but used up one bottle and then moved on. No reason? Just kept trying other ones. But straight up, I'm so happy I picked this back up. It's keeping my breakouts & my easily clogged skin under control but also helping with the overall texture of my skin. 

Anddd because I have been loving those two Pixi products, I went ahead and grabbed their new Rose Caviar Essence. Which, I also probably picked up because it's so blooming pretty with the little rose oil droplets in there, TBH. I will say, I've only recently added this and haven't formed an actual opinion on it yet. I'll probably circle back in a few weeks and let you know my final thoughts. But for now, it's pretty and does feel nice on the skin. 

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My warmer-month moisturizer is from French Girl. It's their Creme Lumiere in Rose Du Maroc and it's lovely. On it's own, it's definitely not enough moisture for my moderately dry skin, especially when it's cold out, but, when I use a serum or essence before hand, it's perfect. I also really like how it makes my skin feel the next morning: supple and soft.

My other newest member to the skin-family is my Mario Badescu Glycolic Eye Cream. I'm luckily using this mainly as a preventative measure & just to take care of my skin and not to see any specific results right now, so maybe I'm not the best person to ask for on eye cream reviews. BUT, for what it's worth, I really like it. I've tried quite a few over the last year or two and for one reason or another, stopped using them. This one is really thick (something I personally like) and feels so good on my skin. I have the 0.5 oz container and I swear I'm going to be using this for the next 20 years because you need such a little amount of product at once. 

And lastly, also from Mario Badescu, I'll occasionally use the Drying Lotion. You know, the one everyone else on the planet is using with the pink stuff at the bottom that you don't shake up but just use a q-tip with? Yeah, that one. I have no strong feelings about this product one way or the other. I'm going to use it up, but I don't 100% know if it's helpful. The types of breakouts I normally have are those deeper ones, not the surface stuff. So I feel like if you have more surface type breakouts, this would be incredibly helpful. For the rest of us, it's ok. I probably won't purchase it again, but I will finish using it. So if you have any recommendations on spot treatments, hit ya girl up. 

And that's it right now. I'm not using masks, serums, mists, etc. right now, which for me is weird. I'm also not changing things up daily or even weekly. These are all (minus the essence from Pixi) things I've been using for a month to two months. And I will say, minus the couple former acne spots that are stubbornly lingering & the occasional breakout, my skin is doing pretty good right now. So there's that. 

What are you using? Anything you LOVE? Or do you have any recommendations for me? 

please note that many of the links in this post are affiliate links. all opinions are 100% my own and honest. thank you for supporting the brands that help support my own beauty-buying addiction ;)