Why you should be treating your instagram like a blog & how to do it

ziedarling.com | why you should be treating your instagram like a blog & how to do it

There are like eleventey-billion people on Instagram (This is a 100% true statistic, of course.) so it's no wonder than so many of us have struggled to stand out on there at some point. 

Well, guess what? I've figured out a sure-fire way to help us all stand out on Instagram as our unique and awesome selves! How, you ask? 

Think about it. Maybe you read a lot of cooking blogs. At the core, all cooking blogs deal with one topic: cooking. But the fun part? Each one of those blogs will have a different niche with different topics under that "cooking" umbrella.

For instance, Vegan Lifestyle Blog shows you not only how to cook, but it shows you how to shop, cook and live a vegan lifestyle. But then Broke & Out of Time Blog may show you how to eat as healthy as possible while on a tight budget for the gal on the go.
Both are cooking blogs, but they both differ in their specifics. 

That's how you should think about your Instagram.  

Think about what your niche is and what kinds of topics you'd like to talk about, keeping in mind that topics are what let people know why they should follow you. 

Oh you're a beauty Instagrammer? Cool. Oh a beauty Instagrammer that shares only small shop, handmade products and who every Tuesday shares a new helpful beauty tip for people who are just getting into makeup and skincare? Even cooler! 

So how's this really helpful, Zie? 

When you actually sit down, figure out what kinds of topics you're going to cover and then consistently cover those topics (and don't get distracted!), you are setting yourself up as an expert in your niche. Because PLOT TWIST: People really like predictability. 

When you are predictable (especially on a blog or on your Instagram!) people know what to expect and they look forward to it. This consistency in your feed helps gain new followers, but also keeps the ones you already have, which helps you build community. 

And it's good to note that predictable doesn't mean boring in this case! Predictable simply means that when I land on your Instagram and I see that you post beautiful photos of your desk, uplifting quotes and business tips, I honestly don't want to see a really random photo of your car you're selling. It also means that if I'm needing some business inspiration, I know exactly who's Instagram I'm going to go to. (This also translates to sales! If you are a business coach that posts awesome tips as one of your topics, when I'm finally ready to hire a coach, you're probably going to be the first one that pops into my head!) 

Awesome, so now we know we really need to start treating our Instagram account's like blogs. Now what? 

This doesn't need to be difficult. My own strategy when picking my topics? 
1. #DarlingSelfLove- my own (and my followers!) self love themed posts. I picked this because it's something I feel really strongly about and I love all of the fun things that goes with it: affirmations, bath / pamper routines, selfies, etc! 
2. Instagram Styling- this is a passion of mine that I've turned into a part of my business. I share free tips to help all of you out, but also to promote my Instagram Styling book and coaching services. 
4. My other businesses- I'm really excited about my illustration work (so much so I ended up making a separate account for just those!) as well as Clever Darling Magazine and my stationery shop! These make up the other chunks of how I make a living so it's important for me to promote them, but my followers also just really like seeing what I'm working on. 

Yours might be something like Tips for Going Vegan or Thrift Store Finds or The Book Review. Whatever, honestly! Just as long as you're having fun and (if applicable) making sales! 

I'm actually not talking about the Hashtags that help other people who aren't following you find you. In this case I'm talking about creating your own hashtags! In this instance, they'll work a lot like a category on your blog would--- helping your followers find relevant info / images on your Instagram. 

So for instance if I land on our business coach's Instagram and I'm really wanting to read more of her really helpful tips, instead of just scrolling aimlessly through her entire feed, I'll just click on her #HelpfulBizCoachingTips hashtag! BAM! Every tip she's ever posted all in one spot for me to look through and then maybe tag my friends in (gaining her some more followers!). See? Isn't that cool? 

For Instagram, really? Yup. I mentioned on Instagram lately that I actually use these to doodle my ideas & sketch what I want the photos to look like every week so that I know (at least roughly) what I need to take photos of. I'll then use Planogr.am to make sure my Instagram pics look good as a whole next to each other, as well as to actually schedule my posts ahead of time. Note: not every single photo I post is scheduled ahead of time. I do like to live in the moment and make changes if I find / make something I want to share right away! But it does help to have a basic (and adaptable plan!) 

Have you treated your Instagram like a blog in the past? What are some topics you could / do use? 

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