announcing... illustrated blogger goodies! | illustration blogger shop

If you've been following along over on Instagram (mainly stories), you'll have seen me talking about a top secret personal project I've been working on in between my client & It's Paper Dear shop projects over the past month. Well, today's the day! No more secrets! So what am I launching? 

I think a little backstory is needed first. 

Once upon a time, (last year) I changed my career up & started full-time illustrating. In short, I love it. I love the world it's exposed me to, the work I'm creating, the work I'm seeing others create, etc. I'm in love with the world of illustration. 

But I'm also still in love with the world of blogging, etc. 

And I've been kinda disheartened by how little those two worlds seem to collide. I rarely see blogs utilizing illustrations (except for their blogger profile photos on their about me pages and maybe blog banners) and that totally bums me out. I started thinking about how cool it would be to flip through my favorite blogs and see illustrations throughout the blog posts, on their instagram feeds, everywhere.

But I get why we don't see that often. It's can be really expensive to hire an illustrator to create content, let alone regularly. So even if small blogs (and big blogs alike) wanted to incorporate more illustrated content into their websites and social media-- it could be really, really challenging. 

this is ONE pack coming to the shop really, really soon! yay! 

this is ONE pack coming to the shop really, really soon! yay! 

So I've decided to launch a shop that's dedicated to creating illustrated content for bloggers! Ta-da! That's my news. 

Eventually, this shop will house everything bloggers might need for their websites and social media. For now (for the sake of actually getting the thing launched!) the new shop will open with Blogger Social Media Packs. These will be high-quality themed square images (ideal for using on Instagram!) that will help you create a fun mixture of my illustrations and your photos, creating something uniquely yours, and the best part? It's all super budget friendly. So if you're just starting out or you're a veteran blogger, you can get the hand-drawn elements you want, in the budget you need. Yay! 

The shop is launching really, really soon (date to be announced), so make sure you sign up at the form below to get the launch announcements, as well as free illustrated goodies sprinkled in monthly! And if you're as excited about this as I am, you can pop over to Instagram & check out the behind the scenes of me finishing up these illustrated goodies on my IG Stories! 

So what do you think? Is this something you're excited to use? What kind of things would YOU like to see in the shop? Comment below or tell me over on Instagram