my glamorous tip for beating the freelance-funk | my glamorous tip for beating the freelance funk

Recently, I was talking with a dear friend about freelancing / solopreneuring full time. After a couple beers, she asked me how I was dealing with the freelancing-funk, as she calls it.

You know, that weird feeling you get after you've been sitting at your desk for days, wearing the same sweatpants because you've got a client project about to launch or a shop update, etc.? Your hair is kind of a mess and there's a distinct possibility that the smell is actually you? 

Ok, ok, so that might be a little dramatic. ;)

But no matter if you're living that kind of -ahem- sweatpants life, or even if you manage to put on real pants and actually brush your hair daily, you probably know what I'm talking about. Because that's one of the downsides to working from home: sometimes you get in a funk.

And this might be the part where you start scrunching your eyebrows, waiting on me to tell you to put "real clothes" on and rip the sweatpants-party-rug out from under you, right? Well, I'm actually not going to. | my glamorous tip for beating the freelance funk

Yes, for most people putting "real clothes" on makes them feel more productive and helps them snap out of the funk, real fast. However, I LOATHE pants. And I don't always want to wear a dress and blazer around my house, you know? And I definitely don't want to put on shoes when I'm walking from my bedroom to my office in the other room. 

I'm also not going to tell you to put on a bunch of makeup and to fix your hair.

Girl. My hair is always a mess & I try not to wear much makeup unless I NEED to be somewhere (and even then, it's not a guarantee that I'm putting it on) so that my skin can breathe and heal. (Except lipstick. I pretty much always have lipstick on.) *nail-painting emoji + sparkles*

Instead, I put on jewelry.

And when I say "jewelry", I mean the "arm party", big bling earrings and a necklace kind of jewelry. Not just your wedding ring. We are talking about the kind of jewelry where you can out-sparkle the sun and stars combined, and the kind that make you feel absolutely fabulous. 

Because I promise you there is no possible way to feel like a lazy slob when you are rocking some fierce arm candy and vampire-chic red lipstick. You can even still be in your pajamas, if that's your thing! | my glamorous tip for beating the freelance funk

My current favorite things to wear when I'm working from home just so happen to be pretty vintage nightgowns, my kimono-robe and slippers! Of course I also have on a clunky-boyfriend-watch, pearls and this darling little moon + star bracelet--- and please believe that I wear these huge pink-heart-crystal earrings daily. 

And the coolest part about this? I made it up. This is MY glamorous tip! You might have your own! Hell, you might even like wearing a full "real clothes" outfit, a full face of makeup and perfectly brushed hair! That's brilliant! Do that. 

Or you might like hanging out in workout clothes or even in the nude. *wink* I don't care. That's awesome. Do it. 

Because the best part about being a soloprenuer or freelancer working from home is getting to make your own rules. So don't let anyone (including yourself!) make you feel icky for wearing sweatpants or whatever! You do you, babe. 

Got an awesome glamorous tip that's helped YOU beat the freelance-funk? Share it in the comments below, maybe it'll help someone else! :)