8 resources for the Freelancing babe

ziedarling.com | 8 Resources for the Freelancing Babe

I was recently asked why I give so many tips and share all my resources for free across my blog and on my Instagram. Which made me pause and I'm sure I must have had a look on my face that said "well, like, why wouldn't I???" 

In my last freelancer's resources round up, I talked about how I was making that list (and subsequently this one) because I thought it would be better for us all to team up. What on earth would be the point in all of us wasting valuable time researching and researching and blindly experimenting to better our businesses vs. actually doing the work that will help us all take over the world? 

"Well, because YOU could be losing business if other people know how to do that thing you know how to do."


Her success doesn't mean my failure, remember? There are like eleventy-billion-jillion of us on this planet. And sure, there are almost as many freelancers, but like who cares? It's not like I personally can take the entire world on as clients or students, so why not spread some love around? 

Which is what brings us to today's post: the second installment in the freelancer's roundup series! 

Got a really cool resource you think the rest of us will dig? Leave it in the comments OR tweet meh. Happy freelancing, babe!