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I read a lot of business books and blogs. Like a lot, a lot. And one of the weirdest (at least to me) things that so many "successful" people do is to create a "uniform" for themselves. Why, you ask? Because every single decision you make in a day directly impacts your creativity levels and your problem solving capabilities. 

So if you're running freelancing gig (or running a business in general) you already know that the amount of decisions you have to make can really pile up on any given day. And the theory goes that if you limit those decisions down to the really necessary ones ( i.e.: no longer debating over what outfit to wear and what accessories to match with it), then you are clearing up creativity and brain capacity for those vital decisions. 

So for the past year(ish), I've been experimenting with this. It's been a one-part "uniform" and one-part minimalistic capsul wardobe experiment. And my findings? It's honestly been amazing. 

I've LOVED not really having to spend time debating what to wear, sorting through countless items of clothing without seeing a single thing I even really liked. Instead, I've cut down so much time on getting ready AND limiting those choices has helped with feeling more creative. Weird, right?  

If you're as interested in giving it a go as I was, but a little unsure how to start, I've got some tips for you:  

Don't throw away your current stuff. 
I have been experimenting with this all for about a year now and I've still got two boxes of my "old" clothes in the back of my closet. I fully believe you should hang on to clothes for one whole year before you toss, donate or sell them. That way, you've gone through every season at least once AND you have ample amount of time to think "actually no, I really do love that sweater. I'm going to keep it." 

Figure out what you actually like wearing.  
This may sound silly to you, but it took me longer than it should have to figure out. Based on my body type, my lifestyle and my laziness, I have figured out that I like to wear mostly baggy blouses or sweaters with leggings OR "summer" dresses. I also really dig skater skirts. That's pretty much it. I also pretty much like black, grey, cream and blush pink (I know, you're shocked.) So what do you think I wear now? Those things. 
Almost as important as figuring out what you do like to wear is figuring out what you don't like to wear. For me, I hate pants. I also don't like tight clothes that make me have to sit up really straight or restrict the amount of breathing I'm allowed to do. And denim or bright, loud colors aren't my thing either. But what was kind of mind-blowing for me when I was sorting through my clothes was how much loud, bright colors, denim and tight outfits I had. 

Go shopping or don't. 
One thing a lot of people think is that when you switch to a capsul wardrobe or a uniform-based wardrobe, that you suddenly have to go buy a bunch of clothes and accessories. I didn't. 
Instead, I just took out the things I didn't like wearing and put them in boxes. I was left with a lot of clothes that I already liked. And you know what? Those things that were left, were the things I wore over and over again anyway. 
In this past year of doing this, I've gone shopping quite a bit. I like shopping. Can't help it. But now, I have a specific idea of what I like wearing and what makes up my "uniform". So I'm not mindlessly blowing money now. I'm only getting pieces that fit within that range of clothes we talked about already.  

Jazz it up with accessories. 
I wear a staggering amount of black. Like I'm fairly certain 94% of what I own is black. I'm into that. Black makes me feel chic and sexy OR black makes me feel comfy and cozy. But I'll be totally honest, sometimes I just want something obnoxiously bright colored and fun. And during those times, instead of buying a new dress that I might wear once or twice, I'll pop a cute and colorful head scarf in my hair. Or I'll wear some crazy costume jewelry. Or paint my nails different and wacky colors. (Hellooooo, bright neon shimmer pink and purple!) 
But similarly, there are times when I want to be as sexy and classic as possible. Those are my all black, with a pouty red lip days. Black blouse, black leggings, black flats, black nail polish, black glasses, black watch, vampire red lip. It's kind of my favorite look, to be quite honest. 
My point being, you can still have fun and express your mood or personality with this "uniform". No one said YOU have to wear all black and no one said that your uniform needs to be boring. 
 Invest in pieces that you love
 I see a lot of people recommend to invest in those every day essentials, but for me (at least at this point in my life), I'm not about to do that. A $67 white button up? $45 black leggings? Nope. My thighs touch, babe. I am not about to spend more than the $10 on the ones you get at Target. I go through them at the same rate as the expensive ones. 
What I do recommend investing in are the kinds of items you just love. The things that make your heart beat a little faster and the things that your eyes just smile at. For me? That's purses, watches and earrings. I have zero problem with paying a little more for something that will legitimately last me years, especially things I adore. I have purses that I've had for six years and I have a couple watches now that I'll be able to pass down to any future spawn I may have. ;) Worth it. 


Having a "uniform" has made my life much easier and surprisingly, far more creative. It's given me the opportunity to really push myself in innovative new ways in both business and personal style-wise (helloooo colored hair and fun pattern mixing!) and I would highly encourage you to explore a similar method yourself. 

You can go all in, like I did OR as gently as you'd like. After all, it's YOUR wardrobe, babe. And if you're ready to start by adding a classic, yet thrilling accessory, I have some really rad news for you. 

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Otherwise, I'd love to hear if you've been thinking of making a wardrobe change OR if you've already done it, how's it going for you? Feel free to either comment below or tweet me

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