The easiest way to double your Instagram engagement


If you're like me at all, you don't like waiting months and months to see results for anything. You also don't like reading three thousand blog posts & articles that all say roughly the same thing.  

So instead of telling you ways to double your Instagram following by making a cohesive feed with lots of white space & using hashtags, (which could take months of work!) I'm going to tell you to simply engage. 

Spend 15 minutes every day and scroll through the hashtags you use. Then I want you to like photos you actually enjoy and comment on photos with meaningful responses.  

For example: if you post images with the #CommunityOverCompetition hashtag, then I want you to spend some time each day, going through that feed and liking the photos that you actually enjoy. (I clarify this because there are people out there who say just like them all, no matter what & with a formula in mind... And frankly, I find that to be a little gross and spammy.) 

So only photos you enjoy. Then, if possible, leave a comment that goes beyond "great shot!" Or "love this!" Or anything flat like that. If there's nothing they can say back besides "thank you" then it was a wasted comment. You want to encourage conversation

That's it.  

Yes, having that beautiful, cohesive feed helps so, so much. And yes, using appropriate hashtags, etc. is vital too. But the quickest way to start seeing your own engagement and numbers go up, is to show some love to other people.   

Give it a go & keep track of how your own numbers start growing, then pop over to my Instagram and tell me how it's working for you!  

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