How to Use Pinterest as a Freelance Tool

Keeping organized with Freelance projects can be a serious challenge. 

There are so many different systems, apps, methods, tips, etc. out there for freelancers that it can be extremely overwhelming. I've tried a bunch of them myself and I think I've finally got a system that's less stressful for me and my clients. The biggest step towards simplifying & streamlining for me was using Pinterest. Yeah! I know! Pinterest for freelancing? Yup. Here's what I do: 

15 Ways to Take Some Time Off + a challenge

Taking a day off is hard. Especially when we consider how many different roles we each have. Myself? I run two businesses, I have a part time job, I try to have a healthy relationship with my loved ones. But there are some of you who have these roles, plus having children of your own or going to school or all of the above! (Hats off to you, dear ones!) 

So I've often found myself feeling guilty when taking the day off, or even just sleeping in! And on the days or moments when I've allowed myself a break, I sometimes really just don't know how to take a break. But, I've made it a constant study and exercise for myself over the past 6+ months and I think I've finally figured some easy ways out. 

9 Resources for Freelance Babes

My mentor in college gave me two bits of advice that have really helped me thus far: 1. Keep a CTA file on every client & 2. Never stop learning, never stop researching. 

Research is vital to a successful freelancer. Research enables you to learn from other's mistakes and gain insight into how the veterans do things-- which, together, can launch you farther and faster in your freelance career. My mentor pointed out to me that when she was first starting out, her generation didn't have the endless resources and in inside knowledge from professionals like we do today.

You couldn't pop onto Jessica Hische's blog and get her advice on getting freelance work (Jessica wasn't around back then, but you get my point.) and there weren't websites dedicated to helping new & veteran freelancers alike like there are today. 

And I'm definitely a researcher. So I thought, instead of us all doing this research independently, we can learn from each other, share resources and all of us take over the world together <3 

Keeping Organized: How Many Planners Does One Girl Need?

The answer is a lot. ;) For those of you who have been reading here a while, this is no surprise to you. For those of you new to this little area of the web, I'll formally introduce myself as an unrepentant planner-addict. Hello! ;) 
I have found that truly organized people know that the key to organization is the understanding that it's an evolving system which needs constant attention. It's important to experiment and to try out different systems that may / may not work for you. So after testing this current system for quite sometime, and being enormously happy with it, I've decided to share it in hopes that you may be able to pick it apart and find something helpful for your own system. :) 
The following is the first part in a new series of Keeping Organized. 

How to Keep Track of Freelance Clients & Projects

I've been freelancing on the side over the last few years and I will be the first to tell you that it's not easy. Marketing yourself, getting clients, negotiating prices & contracts-- challenging. But for me, the hardest part has been trying to figure out a way to stay organized & stay on top of each project. 
But I've finally figured out a method that works wonders for me & instead of keeping it private, I thought I would share it with you all! Especially since a huge chunk of the emails I get these days are folks asking for business advice, etc.