Why I've Put My Planner Away & Started Mono-Tasking

I wanted to talk with you babes today about one of the most surprisingly helpful things I've done to help me de-stress and feel a little more focused: putting away my planner.

Which, if you're aware, I own a stationery + planner shop (itspaperdear.com) with my mom, so that may seem like kind of a stupid move on my part. However, when I say "put my planner away" I'm talking about the micro-planning my entire day with alerts on my phone, with calendar and weekly views in my planner, etc.

At one point, I had my entire month planned out down to the hour. 

How to Use Pinterest as a Freelance Tool

Keeping organized with Freelance projects can be a serious challenge. 

There are so many different systems, apps, methods, tips, etc. out there for freelancers that it can be extremely overwhelming. I've tried a bunch of them myself and I think I've finally got a system that's less stressful for me and my clients. The biggest step towards simplifying & streamlining for me was using Pinterest. Yeah! I know! Pinterest for freelancing? Yup. Here's what I do: 

15 Ways to Take Some Time Off + a challenge

Taking a day off is hard. Especially when we consider how many different roles we each have. Myself? I run two businesses, I have a part time job, I try to have a healthy relationship with my loved ones. But there are some of you who have these roles, plus having children of your own or going to school or all of the above! (Hats off to you, dear ones!) 

So I've often found myself feeling guilty when taking the day off, or even just sleeping in! And on the days or moments when I've allowed myself a break, I sometimes really just don't know how to take a break. But, I've made it a constant study and exercise for myself over the past 6+ months and I think I've finally figured some easy ways out. 

10(ish) tips to create your own writing ritual

I'm all about rituals. 

So when I had to sit down to write a speech for leap conference a few weeks ago, I ended up knocking it out in less than an hour. 

It was a 40 minute speech that was on a topic that the conference organizer and I agreed on ("Your Brand Story") and it was pretty good, guys. Totally gonna toot my own horn. 

And when I was talking with folks after, a few were blown away it hadn't taken weeks to prepare. (To which I'm like "who the hell has time for THAT?!") 

But I 100% attribute how fast + effectively I write anything (emails, blog posts, ebooks, course a, Etc.) to my writing ritual. 

So today, I'm sharing my method for creating a writing ritual, to hopefully help you as well: