9 Resources for Freelance Babes

ziedarling.com | 9 resources for freelancers

My mentor in college gave me two bits of advice that have really helped me thus far: 1. Keep a CTA file on every client & 2. Never stop learning, never stop researching. 

Research is vital to a successful freelancer. Research enables you to learn from other's mistakes and gain insight into how the veterans do things-- which, together, can launch you farther and faster in your freelance career. My mentor pointed out to me that when she was first starting out, her generation didn't have the endless resources and in inside knowledge from professionals like we do today.

You couldn't pop onto Jessica Hische's blog and get her advice on getting freelance work (Jessica wasn't around back then, but you get my point.) and there weren't websites dedicated to helping new & veteran freelancers alike like there are today. 

And I'm definitely a researcher. So I thought, instead of us all doing this research independently, we can learn from each other, share resources and all of us take over the world together <3 


+ How I keep track of my freelance clients. This one is one of my own most popular posts ever. I'm so glad it's helped so many freelancers thus far and I hope it helps you too! 

+ How to work like a minimalistThis helps me not feel quite so crazy during my work week. 

+ Let's talk about pricing & proper invoicingCause mama knows you gotta eat & pay the bills. 

+ This really boss list of tools for freelancers that I keep going back to.  

+ Just starting out as a freelancer? You should definitely check out the Personal Branding for Babes in Business class

I'll keep researching and will make a new list soon, but until then, if you need more sources of inspiration or help, check out my pinterest board specifically dedicated to The Freelance Life

What do you think, babes? Do you have any MUST READ articles or tips to share with the rest of us? Let me know and I'll try and include them in the next post xx 

UPDATE: there's a second list now. Check it out :)