#DarlingDeclarations: You are NOT a failure

If you've recently graduated, or even if you've been out for a while (or even if you haven't gone or graduated), you might be able to relate here: 

When I first graduated, I had a 8-5, salaried desk job in my chosen field within a week of graduating. Everyone was so proud of me-- they all said they always knew *I* wouldn't have a problem finding a job and that of course I got one so quickly. 

And we all know how that turned out. 

Fast forward to now: I am still working in my field and still using my degree; I'm just doing it for myself vs. a company / someone else. And yes, I picked up a part-time retail job on the weekends to give me a little more stability while I get my freelancing career really going, and yes I gave up a huge salary so I could do what I love. 

And what kind of blows my mind is people frown on me for this. At my part-time gig, people are ALWAYS asking me if I'm in school. And I smile and tell them proudly that no, I graduated in December. And then they always, always, always follow that up with like a pat on my head and a "you'll find something deary, don't worry" or something equally presumptuous and judgy. 

I've even had people straight up tell me that what I do isn't an "adult job". That because I'm not slaving away at a desk job for someone else vs myself that I've somehow failed. 

This could very quickly turn into a rant here (and if you get me started on this in person, it definitely becomes a rant) so I'll keep this short. 

We are in no way failures. 

None of us. I don't care if you didn't go to school, didn't finish school, still are in school. You're not a failure. 

I don't care if you're working three part time retail or service jobs, or if you are at a 9-5, or if you had to move in with your parents to help cut costs, or if you are currently unemployed, or if you are working a side hustle and a main hustle. I. Do. Not. Care. You are NOT. a failure. 

We all do this life differently then the next person and that's what makes it beautiful. So ignore the idiot-faces who pat you on the head and cut the people from your life who aren't supportive and make you feel like you've somehow failed. You don't need heavy, decaying jerks pulling you down. 

You woke up this morning and that in and of itself is pretty damn cool. 

Go kick some ass today, babes. You got this.