My biggest struggle with full-time freelancing

If anyone has told you that full-time freelancing is easy, they're either a liar or they've found some hidden formula that involves unicorns and ylang ylang and alien technology. Because it's not easy. It's a total blast & I'm so thankful I took the leap to do it, but dang. Sometimes, it's a bit exhausting. 

There are a lot of challenges and a lot of wins to freelancing full-time, but for me, so far the hardest part has actually been trying to figure out an effective schedule. Silly right?

If you're at all like me, you research things. Probably a little too much research at times. ;) So when I decided to start doing this full-time thing, I did a lot of research. And one of the things I found a lot of were various people talking about their schedules and how it worked for them and made them this ULTRA productive machine that was capable of taking on this world, the next and probably Jupiter too. 

So I tried one. It was alright, didn't work great, but it was alright. So I tried a different one. And another, and another, and you're seeing the cycle right? I felt like a total failure because I wasn't getting the hang of it all like I thought I would. Some days would be awesome and run so smoothly, and then the next--- chaos. Some days I was so productive! Others-- nada. My inbox started looking awesome and then it looked like crap again. And the most frustrating part was it didn't feel like there was any pattern. 

Truth is, it can take a really long time for some of us to find a system that works for us. Maybe you work better on a day-basis, so that you only are working on one project (or type of project) all day on a specific day of the week. Or maybe you have a similar system but it's broken into hour chunks vs. a whole day. Maybe you fly by the seat of your panties and just play it by ear! 

The point is, that there isn't a one-stop, all-knowing answer for all of us. (I've looked, trust me.) We are all individual and unique and our schedules, our struggles, our wins are unique as well. 

The important part is to experiment and play around. See what works for you, see what doesn't. But don't let yourself start feeling like a failure or like you're somehow not going to make it as a full-time freelancer. Because you're a bad ass & you got this. 

Have you struggled with finding balance and a system that works for you? Have you found something that's working? I would LOVE to hear all about it in the comments! xx