What's in My Kate Spade Clutch: She's on the go!

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Now that I'm working from home most of the time, I have very little need for large bags packed full of laptops, huge notebooks, textbooks and all manner of other nonsense that filled my bags for so many years. But on days that I need to get out of the house, I'll work at the coffee shop down the street. It's these little outings where the set-up above is perfect. I'm not doing any designing or anything super strenuous (most likely researching, catching up on emails, or writing) so I can get away with less. 

+ The bag: Kate Spade's "far from the tree gia" clutch (which is currently on sale!) is sassy, flashy & the perfect size clutch for the on-the-go babe. 
+ The sketchbookMay Designs' "irregular dots in black" and I chose not to have a design on it & a blank interior. It's a fab print that really goes with my aesthetic and is great quality for sketching. It was my first May Designs purchase and now I've added 4 more books, oops! 
+ The headphones: Shop Bando is pretty much the cutest shop on the planet & their "ear buddies" are pretty perfect for plugging in & getting focused. 
The lipstick: LUSH Cosmetics' "passionate" lip color is my absolute go-to right now. I take it with me everywhere. It's the perfect pop of sass & spunk I need on the daily.  
+ iPad mini: this is super helpful for working on the go. Especially for things like emails, writing, networking and researching. And occasionally, I'll sketch on there too. 
+ The pens: I always, always have a Pilot Precise V5 RT with me at all times. It's my favorite pen & I've been using them for years now. I also usually have a hot pink (or sometimes blue) Le Pen with  me for adding a little extra oomph to my notes & sketches :) 
+ The "wallet": So I'm actually on the hunt for a super thin wallet that fits my ID, bank card & some business cards with me when I'm just using a clutch. (I have a fab Kate Spade clutch wallet, but she doesn't fit in here sadly :( butttt the little gold bow paper clip is currently holding them together ;) -- let me know if you've seen a cute thin one!
+ The snacks: I found these Jimmybars (clean snack bars) last week and I kind of like them. They're stupidly expensive though, so this "no bluffing' banana muffin" bar was a treat :) 

Everything fits snug as a bug in my little Taxi bag & I absolutely adore this set up. But what about you, darlings? What do you carry when you're on the go? 


note: none of this was sponsored. I just actually use & love this stuff :) But if Kate Spade, May Designs, Shop Bando, Lush or Apple want to sponsor me at any time, I'll sell ya my first born <3