Keeping Organized: How Many Planners Does One Girl Need?

Keeping Organized: How Many Planners Does One Girl Need?

 The answer is a lot. ;) For those of you who have been reading here a while, this is no surprise to you. For those of you new to this little area of the web, I'll formally introduce myself as an unrepentant planner-addict. Hello! ;) 
I have found that truly organized people know that the key to organization is the understanding that it's an evolving system which needs constant attention. It's important to experiment and to try out different systems that may / may not work for you. So after testing this current system for quite sometime, and being enormously happy with it, I've decided to share it in hopes that you may be able to pick it apart and find something helpful for your own system. :) 
The following is the first part in a new series of Keeping Organized. 

Keeping Organized: How Many Planners Does One Girl Need?
Keeping Organized: How Many Planners Does One Girl Need?

The love of my planning-life is my darling, lavender Kikki.K. She's a personal sized beauty and I absolutely adore her. She goes with me everywhere and I'm constantly pulling her out, jotting ideas down, writing notes, journaling, etc. And while it was always my intent to use her as a normal planner, with daily agenda pages and the like, she has oddly enough evolved in a slightly different direction for me.


  •  In the credit card slots, (not shown here) I usually keep a few little note pads (the black kitty pad in the right image being one) and a few odds and ends like my own business cards, mailing-stamps and pretty scrap-papers I've found. 
  • My dividers are broken down into:
    + Calendar > for my monthly plans, when bills are due, blog post schedules, meal planning (occasionally), monthly goals, etc. all shown in the right image. 
    Planner > this was originally where my weeks-at-a-glance and days-at-a-glance were supposed to go, but I've started shifting away from that lately. 
    + Blog / Biz > this section gets lists, doodles, etc. that are aimed obviously towards business and blog. However, these are all more current plans / ideas. Not distant dreaming or planning.  A lot of business class notes end up in here too.
    Clients > I shared an entire post on this section, but basically, each client & each project make an appearance in here so I stay on top of what I'm working on as well as follow ups :) 
    Empire > where the blog / biz section is for planning in the current stages, empire holds ideas for bigger dreams & bigger projects that I can't currently tackle. It has goals, checklists, clippings, inspiration, etc. all geared toward me building my empire up. --a section that I think is super important to have. 
    + Notes > this section is filled with random notes for all sorts of different things. Recipes I tried and loved, random research I end up doing on places I want to travel, notes on TEDtalks I've loved, instructions on indoor gardening, etc. Random stuff. The "junk drawer" if you will.
    Journal > we know how I feel about journaling, and this section houses my thoughts, spiritual studies and quotes that help me toward living and being a more positive, kind person. Recently, I spend a good 15 - 30 minutes in this section every morning before I get to work. It's becoming a perfect way to start my day. :) 
Keeping Organized with Zie Darling // Kate Spade Journal Planner

This journal / planner is dedicated to Clever Darling Magazine. In it, I house article ideas, sketches for layouts, early notes on who is doing what and meeting notes between myself and some of the wonderful folks helping me. 
+ I start by writing a brain-dump of article ideas (some super abstract, others basically in stone). To which, I then start circling the ones that I think would be a good fit for the next issue. 
+ From there, I'll take those ideas and break them down into categories like "lifestyle", "career", etc. and using color coordination, I start mapping out the early ideas on what the magazine is going to look like. 
+ I also write down what photographers are doing what, same with my illustrators and other creatives.

This planner is pretty subject to change, simply because it's the first stop on a long list of stops to the way to completion. Some of the ideas I was sure were going to be in the next issue have been pushed to other issues, and so on. But that's why I like this journal. Things are scratched out, highlighted, arrows drawn around & all kinds of crazy notes. 
The chaos before I officially organize in Evernote. 

keeping organized with // day designer
day designer // zie darling

I first got this planner back in August of 2014, and eventually stopped using it. I loved it but I ended up needing more space for my notes, etc. (Which is why I got into the whole Kikk.K, Kate Spade, Filofax side of the world) so I switched. But now that my notes and other organizing needs are being met by the  Kikki.K planner, I've started using this beauty again. It's wonderful for prioritizing my day and keeping track of meetings, webinars, and other time-sensitive items throughout the day. 
>> I've found the best way for me is to sit down the night before and write down the tasks that need to be completed the next day. Then, the next morning, I write down the top three priorities and any time notices I need to keep an eye on. 

So far, this combined method of all three has been enormously helpful. I'm getting more done and feeling less stressed. Everything has a place and it's a system that's working for me.

I encourage you to spend some time experimenting on your own system! And most importantly, understand that this is an evolving process and embrace that. Heck, mine will probably change again in a few months. ;) That's what's fun about it all! 

Next up in this series, we will be talking all about my Evernote system. It's seriously been updated and I can't wait to share it with you! ( Can you believe it was 2013 when we last talked about it!?) 

But what about you, darlings? How are you keeping organized? And how many planners do you think a girl needs? :)