8 Steps on How to Choose to be Happier

How To Choose To Be Happier // Zie Darling

My favorite thing about being a sentient being is our power to make choices. We are equipped with the same instincts and chemical makeup as nearly every other living creature, however, we, unlike so many of them, have the ability to progress and to make choices. 
And one of the most important choices we can make is to be happy. Because happiness is absolutely a choice. We choose if we want to let stress, perceived failures, difficulties, etc. keep us from happiness. We choose if we want to compare ourselves and our lives to others and then try and compete with that. We choose if we will strip all of that away and be content with the here and now. 
I've compiled a list of 8 posts that will hopefully help you to choose happiness in your here and now--- some deal with stress, some deal with perception, some deal with relaxation and others deal with self-love. I hope you enjoy them, darlings!  
What is a choice you can make NOW to be and live a happier life? 

  1. Four Steps to Fighting Stress 
  2. Selfies as a Form of Self Love 
  3. Fighting Back: Three Things to Help with Depression 
  4. Feel Glamorous with What You Have 
  5. Tips for De-stressing: Put the Planner Away & Start Monotasking 
  6. Be Happy, A VLOG! 
  7. Pamper Me Pretty, A Few Ways of Relaxing and Getting Ready for the Week 
  8. 15 Things to Help You Take the Day Off 
I choose Happiness