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Mercy! It's been months since we've last done a Crowned Jewels post! But we're back at it, yay! Anyway, I think it's really important for us all to take a moment to be silly once in a while. Entirely too many of us are guilty of taking ourselves far too seriously and that's dangerous. 
Oh this blog post needs to be perfect or How do I do _____ more professionally or I'm an adult and I need to act my age--- BLA BLA BLA. If we always take ourselves so seriously, I'm pretty sure we'll die. Probably way faster then we were supposed to. 
So in order to make sure we all live longer lives, I want us all to sit down and write three silly things we did today or can do today.
Mine are as follows: 
1. I referenced farting on twitter & my boyfriend wasn't super into it. (don't care) 
2. I had an entire 34 minute conversation with my squirrelfriend using only emojis & JAWS references. 
3. Bryan & I made up a new song about our cat, Napoleon, that goes a uses the tune of Katy Perry's Fireworks. 

So what will you do that's silly today? xx


Handle: a mailbox, to-do list & calendar all in one. Pretty nifty. 
Burner: need a temporary number in dating or professional circumstances? Yeah, this app has got you covered. 
Power Nap: no matter if you just need a power nap to make you feel alert or a full sleep cycle to refresh you, this app monitors your nap and makes sure you don't sleep too heavily and makes sure you get the perfect amount for your nap. I use this all the time. Love it.  

Make Your Own App: Maybe the easiest way to make your own app. Has anyone tried this? 
Lifestyle: 12 questions that can help you live a more minimalist life. 
House & Home: How to make small spaced living a little more ... livable. 
Spotted: Ikea's new bag is stunning. And expensive. Thoughts? 

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WEEKEND PLAYLIST: this is not a valentines playlist