So you took a really long blogging break. Now what?


It's been almost a month since I last blogged and nearly as long since I promoted the blog in any way. Because I'll be honest with you, darlings: graduating college is far, far harder then anyone lets on.

And because the blog suddenly became my last priority, I felt horribly guilty. I had read numerous articles and blog posts on what you should do if you intend on taking a break from blogging and every single one of them said don't let it be more than two weeks, let everyone know and keep up with social media even more then before. I did none of that. I was a "bad blogger".

I never got around to making the official "blogging break" post-- too busy, too stressed. I went for a month. And there have been days, nearly weeks!, that I haven't touched social media. And there were definitely times where the guilt nearly made me throw my hands up and shut Zie Darling down.

Obviously I didn't do that.

Somewhere in the middle of the stress, the guilt and the crazy-town-madness that is graduating college, I decided it was ok. Here are a few things I realized along the way that have helped me get over my guilt and helped ease me back into blogging:


Let's first talk about something that I think a lot of us forget: it's a blog. I don't want to make it sound like I don't absolutely love this blog and the community I've started to develop from it, because I do. With my whole heart do I love you all. And I know this is the opposite of popular opinion. However, this is currently not how I support myself. I have two jobs and I'm a full-time student. Blogging is a hobby for me.

So first thing is first. Realize that as a hobby, blogging may not be your number one priority.


Once you've come to terms with the fact that this is currently a hobby, go ahead and forgive yourself for not dedicating much (or any) time to it when you're swamped. How I see it, the only kind of "bad blogger" is a blogger who copies or steals someone else's content.

Taking a break, for however long, doesn't make you a bad blogger.


I know we all try really hard not to care about the numbers (or at least say we don't care). But no matter who you are, there's a tiny little part of you that is pleased with the fact that you have XX amount of readers visiting and keeping up with your little blog. I'm no different. And I was so sad to think of the readers that I was going to disappoint to the point of unsubscribing.

Plot twist: no one left. (thank you for sticking with me, my loves!) And weirdly enough, I gained some readers. (Apparently Pinterest does work for you even if you're not doing anything, huh. Who knew? ;) And I guess it sort of makes sense to me now. I've never unfollowed someone because they didn't post. Posting too frequently? Sure. But not for taking a break.


Ok, so you're ready to start blogging again. But if you're like me, it was a while and you weren't exactly taking a hiatus to refresh and come up with new ideas. And what's worse: writing and creating content is just like a muscle. One that I've let slide for the last month. I had nothing. So how do you start that muscle back up and start easing yourself back into blogging?

+ READ OTHER BLOGS: this might feel like a duh.  However, I haven't read any in over a month. I'm out of the loop. And so sitting down to flip through my reading list was the perfect way to start getting back into the mindset of blogging. Because you are all so stinking inspiring and beautiful.

+ PULL FROM EXPERIENCE: Why did you take a break? What has happened since you've been on break? Was there a holiday you could share pictures from? Did you finish a huge project you could share a DIY on? Did you download a new album from an artist that you previous hated (cough-tswift-cough) that you secretly love now? No one says that your first few posts after a break have to be mind-blowing. Don't force it.

+ WATCH VIDEOS/ DOCUMENTARIES/ ETC. : So this will sound weird but what really got me pumped about blogging again and helped me get the creative juices flowing again happened to be watching way too many Filofax videos. Yup. Playing with my planner and watching other people set theirs up got me super hyped. Whatever. Find your weird thing that gets you going.

No matter if you've taken a week off or a year, it's ok. Just remember it's your blog.

You make the rules; you do you.

Take your break, forgive yourself for it and come back when you can. Just be gentle with yourself, you know?

Have you taken a break recently? Do you have any tips for easing back into it? xx

PS: From the bottom of my heart want to thank you all again, darlings. I cannot even being to thank you for all of the support you've given me over the last few months, whether that be vocal and physical or just in the fact that you continue to read. I love you all dearly.