Selfies as a Legit Form of Self Love


I think we know how I feel about bullies, especially those who attack others based on their bodies, etc. Spoiler alert: I don't like them. At. All. So it's easy to understand why when I hear / read of people being picked on because they posted a selfie, I kind of lose it. Because, let's just take a moment and consider what a selfie is. (And I'm not talking about what the dictionary says a selfie is but it really is. )

SELFIE || (as defined by Zie Darling) a moment where a person feels pretty / attractive / confident enough to a) document said moment and b) share it via social media.

That's a profound moment. That's self love at is essential.

Selfies are silly, fun, sexy, flirty, thoughtful, powerful. Selfies can be taken to document new hair, an outfit, a feeling or just a moment where you realized how absolutely fabulous you are. Selfies encourage you to pause and take a moment to really consider yourself, what you look like, who you are and how you feel about that. And when you publish that photo, you're telling yourself and the world that what you found is special.

And that's the important part, bebes. That's the part that makes selfies a legit form of self love.

So forget the jerks & get on with your bad selfie self! What do you think about selfies? Do you take & share them?