two minutes (or less) to better productivity | better (and easier) productivity in two minutes or less

Recently, I started implementing the Two Minute Rule.  I had tried it before & it was very helpful, but then I fell back off the wagon. As many of you are already aware, I'm constantly searching for better and quicker ways to jump start productivity. It's a never ending cycle and one that I actually get rather nerdy about. So here we are again. 

Anyway, to the quick of it, the Two Minute Rule is actually enormously simple and has really helped me with cutting back the amount of procrastinating I was doing (which, I'm ashamed how bad it really got there for a while). It goes with the idea that if you can do a thing within two minutes or less, then just do it. Have a pan to wash after dinner? What does that take? All of 30 seconds? Just do it.

Have a table by your front door that you always drop things at? How long would it really take you to walk just a bit further into your home and put the items away? Probably no more than the 2 minutes.

But what I also really like about this idea is that the theory of it can be applied to anything. For instance, directly from the article:

Want to run three times a week?

 Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, just get your running shoes on and get out the door (2–Minute Rule), and you’ll end up putting mileage on your legs instead of popcorn in your stomach.

The 2–Minute Rule isn’t about the results you achieve, but rather about the process of actually doing the work. The focus is on taking action and letting things flow from there.

Along the same lines, there's the five minute rule  and a bunch of other thought processes like it, but I personally really like the two minute rule. Its fast, nearly brainless & puts the silly procrastinating-nonsense in perspective. 

Do you have a quick, helpful tip for making us all a little more productive? And what's something you can do in the next two minutes? xo