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Advertising and partnering with Zie Darling is a great way to gain exposure for your blog, brand or business! Zie Darling is brand created for the modern darling with a focus on more mindful and intentional living.  

New articles are posted bi-weekly and social media is updated 2-3 times daily. 

Topics of interest include:
+ self love & being more intentional
+ freelance & business resources
+ minimal & organized living
+ instagram & branding tips + resources
+ glamorous lifestyle + beauty
+ behind the scenes looks at my personal work
(so focusing on illustration, stationery, etc.)


Zie Darling currently works with brands in a couple different ways: 

-Product Reviews: a traditional swap of services / products for an integrated feature on the blog (written in a way to gain you the most exposure, while providing the most help to Zie Darling readers) or posted naturally on social media, in a similar integrated way. 

-Advertising: the purchase of advertising spots for either the side bar of the blog or in the footer of the entire website, as well as Instagram features. 

 Please contact directly (below!) for pricing on these options. 

+ How to feel sexier for less,  
+ Babes in Business feature, Pink Love Bird
+ Babes in Business feature, Natty M. Papery
+ Instagram Feature, Amy Northard CPA
+ How to Style a FitBit, FitBit
+ Swanning about in the bath, Formulary 55

*Please note that all brands I decide to work with must fit within the Zie Darling aesthetic & be genuinely relevant to the brand & it's audience.

* last updated feb 25, 2017

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