Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My Three Apps / Tabs for Being Productive

My Three Apps / Tabs for Being Productive

EVERY MORNING WHEN I OPEN MY COMPUTER, I OPEN THREE APPS. Just three tabs/apps that help me stay on top of my ever-growing to-do list and keep me organized and sane. What three tabs, you might ask? Gmail, Todoist & Sunrise.
My Three Apps / Tabs for Being Productive
Let's start with gmail, since it's probably the most straightforward. (Also can we appreciate how clean my inbox is for a moment? I cleaned it just for you, m'dears heh) Anyway, on a really, really good day, my inbox looks something like this. Pressing emails that need to be responded to immediately (or ones that just came in and have yet to be sorted, thank you Acompli). I have finally figured out a email filing system that really helps me figure out what's happening, what needs immediate attention and what can wait at any given moment of the day. This is a few years in the making, I'm a bit ashamed to say, so don't feel bad if you haven't figured your own system out yet! It'll happen!
My Three Apps / Tabs for Being Productive
Next, Todoist. I've mentioned this little gem before I believe, but I honestly cannot talk about it enough! I use it as a project management system and it's golden for things like that. I'm currently using the free version and haven't seen a reason why I would need to upgrade (cut costs where possible and all that!)
My favorite thing about it is that I can get really specific with my projects organization and then each task under each project can have its own due date. Which, is particularly lovely when looking at what needs to be done for today or in the next seven days. 

My Three Apps / Tabs for Being Productive

Last, but certainly not least, is Sunrise. There is a daily view of this, however, I find that I usually have the monthly up. It gives me a sense of things in the grand scheme of things. I keep all of my appointments, meetings, classes, work schedules, bills, etc. here. I could go on and on about this app and how wonderful it has been in my life (and maybe I will for a future post?) I simply don't think I could live without it anymore. 

And that's that! Those are the three tabs I have open at any given moment of the day. They're the first to open and the last to close and since I am particularly scatter-brained, these three are like my little team of productivity and focus that swoop in and save the day. I love, love, love them :) 
What do you use to keep yourself organized and on top of projects, emails and things to do? I'd love to hear all about your own system in the comments! xo 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Advertising with Darling Dear in August

advertise with Darling Dear in August
Happy Monday, my sweetlings! I'm happy to announce that, by popular demand, Darling Dear's method of advertising and sponsoring has been updated! I had a surprising amount of requests to bring back the "sponsored" blog posts and to showcase the blogs and brands I work with more. 
Perhaps that's not actually as surprising, but either way, after a long wait, I think I've finally figured out a better system!  Sponsoring Darling Dear has two-parts of awesomeness: 1. you're helping keep all things silly, sassy & glitter-inspired bouncing around on here & 2. we are working together to help promote you, your shop, blog or brand & spread the word on how wonderful & sexy you are! Especially as more than half of the proceeds from sponsorships go towards Darling Dear sponsoring other brands & blogs, all in the hopes of bringing you an even broader spotlight! 

Who should advertise with Darling Dear? 
Darling Dear is a blog dedicated to crafty/diy goodies, productivity tips, millennial lifestyle 
exploration, illustrations, feminist awesomeness & thick and fabulous, body positive wonders! So if you fit into any of those categories, then of course Darling Dear is the right place for you! But who else? Small businesses, bloggers, sassy folks, and anyone/any brand that thrives on glitter, giggles & all things darling and glamorous! 

Some stats for the statistic-type (as of July 27 2014) : Bloglovin: 260+; GFC: 385+; Instagram: 1540+; Twitter: 785+; Tumblr: 545+; Email subscribers: (coming soon!); Pinterest: 2,950+

How it works: 
Purchasing through Passionfruit is super quick & easy! Simply select which ad size you want below and Passionfruit will hold our hands as we get our play-date scheduled up! 

What's new?
+ Once a month, there will be a "sponsors' favorites" post which will feature anyone who advertises with Darling Dear. There are two main levels for this, one with images and one without. Both will showcase a few of my favorite things you've shared over the month (like blog posts, shop goodies, etc.) and an ad on the sidebar that is displayed for the full 30 days. 
+ Social Media Consulting. In the past, I've had a social media "mentions" section where I would post a few things about your brand during the month to try and send you traffic. While this has been fun and often times helpful to your brands, I've found that it doesn't have the lasting reach that either of us would like. So now, I'll be hosting social media consulting for you and your brand! Read  below for more details xo 
I hope this works better for everyone! I'd love it if we could play together :) What do you think about the social media consulting? Is that something that interests you? Or would there be something else you'd like my consulting advice on? xo 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Crowned Jewels & Some Exciting News

I HAVE SOME EXCITING NEWS! Yesterday I was interviewed & offered an internship for a magazine in town that I really wanted to work for! Yay! (I can hear you already-- Zie! That's too many internships!) Nay! This will be my fourth one, but it's my only one in the Fall, so... ;) Anyway, I'm quite excited and I am so happy to finally have a real foot in the door towards the magazine industry that I love. 
In other happy news, my best friend who recently moved to DC for a job is coming to visit (he's picking up the last of his things) and I can't wait to see him! 
What are your weekend plans, darlings? xo 

QD Low Carb: I'm not normally game for apps like these. But it's kind of interesting & has good ideas/ meals plans.
iBooks: I was a little indifferent to this for the longest time. But I just recently discovered how many free books there are on here. Yup. I'm in.
Skimm: Not an app, really. But a daily email that gives you the news in bite sized sassy chunks. I like sassy news. (This one is from last week, but I wanted to share it again because I like it more and more every day.)  

Productivity: How to manage your time on a chaotic irregular schedule.
Career: 30 Smart Career Moves to do before your 30. (there's gold in here.)

Blogging: 700 free images for bloggers.
Beautiful Pin of the Week: The Colors of Humanity. ( I adore this.)

In the community: Kaelahbee & her darling family welcomed in the youngest cutie on the block. Congrats, darling! 
For all the babes: Kara Haupt launched babe vibes & I'm all about it. 
(Want to see your (or a friend's) news here? Email, tweet, comment or message me with your happy news! Because this is exactly how I feel.)