Monday, October 13, 2014

Daydreaming & Doodling Part 2

I'VE FINALLY FIGURED OUT WHAT I WANT TO DO WITH MY LIFE. We've talked about how I want to work in the magazine industry, which is still accurate, however I've figured out that I want a bit more than that even. I want to write books, teach classes, create lines of products, etc. But above everything else, I want to create a glamorous lifestyle for women. I want to encourage and motivate. I want to work with women that work hard and like Chanel, and at the end of the day, they're as likely to grab a beer as a glass of wine.
I want to create a magazine where Photoshop beauty is a thing of the past and laughter and dirty jokes are encouraged. It's all really abstract but to the short of it, women inspire me and I want to give back to them.
 As a part two to the Daydreaming & Doodling series, I'm really enjoying slowly starting to piece together the perfect daydream. What do you think, darlings? What are you daydreaming about?

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Three Tips to Starting Any Business

I’ve been in business for the last few years and I constantly get questions about starting, running & maintaining a business, especially while in school. (Sounds like a series starting to develop hm...)

I think that everyone starts a bit differently. But there’s one thing that’s always the same: they start.
If you’re thinking of starting a business, I have three bits of advice right off the top.

WRITE ALL OF YOUR IDEAS DOWN// I recommend a journal dedicated solely to business. Write your goals, no matter how big or how small. Abstract or concrete. I would just make sure you take that journal everywhere with you and write down everything. You have no idea when inspiration will hit you. And even if your goals or ideas aren’t tangible right this minute, they’ll come in handy later. 
FIND A SUPPORT GROUP// This one sounds a little ominous. But what people don’t realize is business can be really freaking hard. You’ll have days where it doesn’t feel worth it & then you’ll have days where you are on top of the world with excitement and promise and possibility. And you’ll need someone or multiple someones who can help you through & celebrate both. 
I personally have a very large support group, but my mother is my biggest supporter. I have cried with her, bounced ideas with her & squealed with her. I couldn’t do any of it without her. Support is the most important thing to starting and running a business. 
START // Just do it. Don’t fall down with excuses of why today’s not the perfect day to start. I don’t care if you don’t have this special technology thing that would make it just perfect or if you don’t have the space or if you need to get a little more know-how or any of that crap. It’s all crap & you know it. Don’t waste your chances & your passion on tomorrow’s crap. 
Today is the perfect day to begin.  
So go, bebes. Be business babes & take over the world. And while you're here, share a few of your dreams with us! I'd love to compile them for a future post! 

Monday, October 6, 2014

What kind of blogger are you?

A NEW BLOG IS CREATED SOMEWHERE IN THE WORLD EVERY HALF SECOND. (Yes, really.) Which if you do the math (which we didn't) that totals out to a lot. What does that mean for the rest of us? Well, if you're the type of blogger that cares about getting noticed and maybe making money, then that means more and more bloggers are entering the blogosphere which means you just need to work that much harder at defining what kind of blogger you are and working towards your goals.
This then brings up the simpler foundational question: what kind of blogger are you? Because once you have that figured out, you're that much closer to expanding your audience and reaching your blogging goals.

THE DEAR DIARY BLOGGER; In the days of Xanga & LiveJournal, you were on top of the world.  You blog for fun, maybe to develop your skills as a writer or a photographer. You may blog irregularly, just when the fancy strikes, or you may blog daily. But you're typically not concerned about SEO or going pro. At the end of the day, you're having fun.

THE BUSINESS OWNER; Maybe you own a store or maybe you freelance design or some other client service. You may have quite a few different topics on your blog, however, all of those topics relate directly to your business. Your blog isn't your business, but a tool to market your business. You may or may not have a shirt that says "everyday I'm hustling".

THE PROFESSIONAL BLOGGER; Similar to the Business Owner, however your blog is your business. You've found your niche and now you're monetizing your blog via ads, online classes, e-books, digital downloads / products, etc. Your blog isn't just your hobby anymore, you've gone pro.

THE FREELANCE BLOGGER; You may or may not own your own blog, but you regularly write for one or two (or more!) blogs / sites. You have a specific set of specialized topics that you write on and you've def become a Niche Expert.

THE NICHE EXPERT; You have a specific audience looking for a specific topic and you're the best there is at fulfilling that market. Instead of just a style blogger, you focus on street style in Nashville. And everyone who has a question on Nashville's street style goes to you before anyone else. That's some serious power.

THE LIFESTYLE BLOGGER, MAGAZINE STYLE; You, like the Niche Expert, have a specific audience (maybe a bit broader) and are focused on providing a very rounded experience or look into how to live that life. Your blog runs like a magazine in that you have series / features and your personal life isn't displayed on the blog. You may focus on running a blog that is geared towards 20-somethings who are trying to build a career, have fun and live fabulous but inexpensive lives. Your features may include DIY, living on a budget, work fashion and career advice, etc. You're building an online magazine that becomes the daily read of everyone in your market.

THE LIFESTYLE BLOGGER, PERSONAL STYLE; You may have series / features similar to the Magazine Style, but your blog is typically focused more around you as a blogger. Your features might include What I Wore Wednesdays, Things I love Thursdays, etc. People look to you for daily inspiration on what you're eating, wearing, and doing.

You might be saying "well, I fall into a couple of those categories..." or maybe you don't quite fit into any of them. Both are totally ok! That's what sets us apart from all of the other millions of bloggers. Taking these guidelines, fitting them into your own style, your own niche, with your own bedazzle. So what kind of blogger are you, darling?